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Iteachu Computers

Computer tuition, advice and technical support

Based in Moorsholm, North Yorkshire, serving
the surrounding area, Teesside and Whitby

Help, support and advice for:

* your home
* your school
* your small business
* your community

Trevor Watson is a former primary school teacher and headteacher. He has been involved with computers since 1980 beginning with IBM Pet computers, BBC computers, all the variations of Windows since Windows 95 and even dabbled with Apple computers!

He is experienced in dealing with many computer related issues and is happy to offer a service calling at your home to advise and support.

Amongst the recent issues he has dealt with are:

> Very slow running laptop

> Date and time needing resetting every time computer is turned on

> Teach how to create and project PowerPoint presentation

> Setting up new iPad/resetting old iPad 

> Hard disc failed in laptop/install new hard disc; data recovery, software etc

> Set up new email account

> Broadband issues - from broadband suddenly stopped working to advising on best mobile broadband for rural areas

> Printer stopped printing

> Teach how to use Microsoft Publisher

> Advised on new hard disc purchase, partitioning and data security

This list could go on forever but you can see that he can deal with a wide variety of computer related problems!

Please contact Trevor to discuss your issues and see if he can help you......

Trevor Watson from Iteachu Computers
Trevor Watson from Iteachu Computers

Contact Iteachu

Please email using the email address below or ring on 01287 669042